Sunday, January 20, 2013

Check Out The Copper Onion

It's not a good movie day when the highlight of the day was dinner. Who knew you could get awesome mussels in land-locked Salt Lake? If you are seeing movies at the Broadway Centre Cinemas, be sure to make reservations at The Copper Onion.

OK, enough about dinner, on to the movies. We saw two movies in the World Dramatic Competition -- one from Austria and one from Indonesia. Both were terrible.

The first, called "Soldate Jeanette" (Soldier Jane), attempted to address the issue of wealth disparity. This could have been interesting, but the story was told in such a slow, tedious and incomplete way, that we actually passed a flask of Makers Mark (good idea, Julia) to get through it. Later the filmmaker told us he started out by casting the film and never had a screenplay. Isn't that a little like hiring employees without job descriptions. If you love long, slow shots of cows being released from the barn and don't care if the characters ever speak to each other, this is the film for you.

Next up, "What They Don't Talk About When They Talk About Love." Set in a high school for hearing and vision impaired students, this film could have benefited from a plot and judicious editing. While better than the first movie, there was very little dialogue, a completely confusing story line and many frivolous scenes. Not only did the flask make another appearance (side note to filmmakers: if you are going to film someone brushing her hair 100 times, please start the scene at 90), but Julia left in the middle to watch the Ravens/Patriots game.

Tomorrow, we have three movies and all we ask for is a plot and some dialogue.


layman said...

LOL! Seems to be a new reoccuring theme for Sundance. At least I feel a little less deprived right now about not being there. Can't wait for more updates.

layman said...

LOL Have to say this may been a reoccuring theme with Sundance. I am feeling a bit less left out now. Hope it gets better.