Thursday, January 24, 2013

Girl's Rock!

Today we saw two films written and directed by young, female directors. Although two very different films, I was struck by how each was an embodiment and almost a tribute to the woman who made it. Both drew from personal experience to write the screenplay and worked tirelessly to get them made. Referring to their films as their "babies," these women should be proud to let these "babies" out into the world.

The first film, "Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes," wove two stories of loss. 18 year old Emanuel, who's mother died giving birth to her, befriends the new mother who has moved in next door. An unlikely bond develops, things aren't as they seem and drama unfolds. This is a gorgeous film, sprinkled with dream-like sequences that enhance the drama and help the audience to understand Emanuel's emotional turmoil. While this film starts out about loss, it's really about unlikely alliances and how hard it can be sometimes to get unstuck.

We went from that movie to "In a World..." -- our first comedy! Directing herself as the lead, Lake Bell, leads through a hysterical story of living in the shadow of a famous father and breaking into a career traditionally dominated by men. Bell, stars as Carol, a voice coach who lands a couple of key voice-over roles, upsetting the balance of power at home. Her dad, top dog in the movie trailer voice-over business, has a hard time envisioning any woman, let alone his daughter, being taken seriously in the industry. Relationships form, relationships unravel, feelings are hurt and feelings are mended. I particularly loved Bell's crazy energy; the cameos by stars like Eva Longheria, Geena Davis and Cameron Diaz; and the cohesiveness of the primary cast -- completely believable as a messed-up family.

I don't know if these two films will make it to Portland, but if they do, they are worth a watch. Photo 1 below is Francesca Gregorini, Writer and Director of "Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes." Photo 2 is Lake Bell (Writer, Director and Star), Michaela Watkins, and another cast member from "In a World..."

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Dede Helmsworth said...

So are Jois and her friends also seeing only two movies a day? What are you doing with the rest of your time -- stalking stars, eating at our favorite spots, having snowball fights?